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We are the friends of the Tate South Lambeth Library, 180 South Lambeth Road, SW8 1QP. For official information about the library, including opening hours and contact details, please visit the library’s own website here.

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Time for public scrutiny at the April library forum

forumSaturday April 18th  2-4pm is the date and time of the next library public forum at Tate South Lambeth – the face-to-face meeting of library managers and local people, held every three months, where the library’s plans are set out and its performance is held up to scrutiny.

At that point the public consultation on Lambeth’s cultural policy will still have some days to run, so there will be no official answer on future funding, resources etc. at TSL. However there are some other questions that deserve a response now, notably:

  • What is the state of play on the planned redesign of the library interior and external signage?
  • What has happened on the purchase of items from Section 106 money, as selected by public ballot?
  • How near is a solution to the public lavatory problem?
  • What is being done by Lambeth Living to prevent water from the upstairs flat penetrating – and endangering – the ceiling of the library office?

The meeting is open to everyone – so if you have questions to ask and views to put, or are just curious– come along to the library on April 18th.






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