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We are the friends of the Tate South Lambeth Library, 180 South Lambeth Road, SW8 1QP. For official information about the library, including opening hours and contact details, please visit the library’s own website here.

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Step up and support our library now

Lambeth Council’s proposals for the library service for the next three years (to April 2018) – as set out in the leaflet Cultural Services by 2020 – include the end of Council funding and management of five libraries, half the total. Tate South Lambeth Library has escaped the axe – but its future, both immediate and longer term, remains in question.

Here’s the situation.

Cultural Services by 2020 proposes that TSL serve as the town centre library for the north of the borough. This will put it in the same league as the four major libraries in Brixton, Clapham, Streatham and West Norwood.

This sounds good – and rational, as TSL has substantially higher visits than other libraries in the north, more book borrowing and a wider range of activities.


  • TSL is not about to get the resources that are directed at those major libraries, and may well have to share in further cuts in spending if the Council is to hit its target for 2017/18.
  • TSL’s status as town centre for the north is only temporary, with the situation scheduled to come under review in 2018-20. What will then determine its fate is unclear.
  • We are constantly told that the proposals in Cultural Services by 2020 are just that – proposals. Nothing is certain until after the public consultation. So TSL may still be relegated to a library for disposal, which could well mean its closure.

That being the case, now is the time for users of TSL to express their support for our library having town centre status.

So we urge you to collect a copy of the leaflet Cultural Services by 2020 from the library or download it from . Fill in the questionnaire and drop it in the box at the library, or answer online. The important question is number 9 – to what extent do you support or oppose the proposal that Tate South Lambeth Library will become the town centre library for the north of the borough until a review of town centre library provision is completed in 2020?

We hope you tick the Strongly support box.

Remember you are not required to answer all the questions in the questionnaire. And supporting TSL as the town centre library for the north does not mean you approve of the proposed shrinking of the public library service in Lambeth.

The deadline for responses is April 24th. So please act now. You can also express your support for all Lambeth libraries – as the committee of Friends of TSL did in the March newsletter – in the questionnaire and by signing the petition at:







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