Party time!

Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library will be holding our annual party, our traditional Pre-Burns Night celebration.

Wednesday 24th January

7pm Come along to the library and enjoy haggis, neeps and tatties (you’ll find out what they are) and whisky. Plus wine and entertainment. And friendly Friends to meet.

Robbie Burns Night (4288738216)
Serving suggestion (we won’t have pipers but there will be haggis)

Expect Scottish-themed readings, poetry, music, and entertainment. We can celebrate still having a library – and a revenue budget for the library through to 2019 and money for much-needed maintenance works.

But Friends will continue to campaign for the maintenance of full library service at Tate South Lambeth Library beyond March 2019.

As it’s a members only event, we ask that you renew your annual subscription (if you haven’t done so already for July 2017-June 2018) or take out a new one at the door. It’s only £3.

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