Mosaic nippers at work – a participant’s account

mosaicsOn Saturday 13th April 2013, 14 adults and children worked for over four hours – under the guidance of Creative Sparkworks and with materials donated by Topps Tiles – to make mosaics that will be placed on a wall in Tradescant’s Retreat – the garden at the rear of the library.

Taisa (10), Mary Rose (6) and Jessica (17) worked as a team to make a delightful lemon tree. Heidi worked on a colourful illustration of a plum tree taken from a Tradescant botanical illustration. Nine-year-old Sadhara very diligently made an owl taken from the same illustration assisted by her brother Junay (12) and Robert (also 9) who was a whizz with the mosaic nippers. Her mum Razia had a hand in the flying books mosaic I was attempting as well as guiding the finishing touches to the owl. Later on the youngest participant, Charlotte, just three years old , added some of her colour choices to the owl. Sue who has enjoyed working before with Creative Sparkworks made a circular sun-like dazzling design incorporating old CD discs! Daphne had a beautifully sparkling colourful butterfly near completion when I last saw it. She had some input from Noreen who had brought with her the most amazing hungry caterpillar mosaics that she had made at home .

With both Noreen’s advice and the brilliant practical guidance from Sylvia and Lauren we had a thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling day. They will be making additions to the day’s art work to ready it for installation (scheduled for May 16th) and grouting (May 18th) – all in time for Friends’ AGM on May 22nd.

Thank you to all for a terrific creative and learning experience!

Kate Kelly-Tanguay

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