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Friends’ film screening programme will resume…

projectorFriends have now received assurances from Lambeth Libraries that enable us to resume our film screening programme – and within weeks (on June 19th 2013)

These assurances are:

  • there will be no charge for the use of the library out of hours (our films are usually screened at 7pm in the evening)
  • the performing rights society fee for music used in the films will be paid by the library service

These assurances mean that Friends can afford to run the screenings (which – in line with our policy on all events we organise – are free of charge).

– and more film showings are now possible

An additional – and very welcome assurance- was that a film screening licence is being secured that will allow the showing of mainstream films at Tate South Lambeth Library. Friends has recently concentrated on showing independent films, where there is no licensing requirement. But this licence means that we – and any other group or individual who wants to put on films in partnership with the library staff – can respond more readily to local demand. In particular this will benefit older local residents. The funding for the licence is being provided as part of a Lambeth scheme to deliver activities for residents who attend day centres but would enjoy going to events which involve the wider community.

So this popular programme can be expanded over the 12-month period of the licence (all screening licences are annual), adding to the range of community-oriented activities at TSL.

We thank our cooperative council.






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