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We are the friends of the Tate South Lambeth Library, 180 South Lambeth Road, SW8 1QP. For official information about the library, including opening hours and contact details, please visit the library’s own website here.

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Forum time – the questions Friends still want answered

Saturday October 11th is the date of the next library public forum at Tate South Lambeth – the face-to-face meeting of library managers and local people, held every three months, where the library’s plans are set out and its performance is held up to scrutiny by the general public.

The main questions that the committee of Friends wants to raise are:

  1. What is the schedule for the remainder of the building improvements work to be done under the £107,000 funding allocation for this year?


  1. What is the scope for additional renewal and updating work this year – notably the “new shelving and furniture” signposted at the January public forum and repainting of the interior walls (last done over ten years ago)?


  1. What is happening on the delivery of the 11 items approved for funding by Section 106 money, which we were told in January would arrive in “6-8 weeks”?


These questions may sound familiar. They are. Exactly the same questions were put by Friends at the previous public forum (in July). We are still waiting for answers.

Two other queries we made in July have been answered. We wanted to know TSL’s budget results for last year (April 2013-March 2014) and the targets in this year’s budget. As the article below shows, that information has been given.

But what are the questions and comments you want to put to the panel? Bring them along on Saturday October 11th, at 2-4pm.






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