Do you want to publish your own book?


In September’s Lambeth Heritage Festival Naomi Clifford, the history author and long-time contributor to Friends OF TSL talks, will share her experience in self-publishing, covering research, preparation of the manuscript, print platforms, crowd funding, ebooks, marketing and sales,

This is your opportunity to get yourself into print.

The online talk is on Wednesday September 15th at 7pm. Free, Book here.

This is just one of the 50 events in this year’s Lambeth Heritage Festival. To see the full programme go to


Come into our garden – with our new gardening team

Two young volunteers have come forward to run the gardening sessions in Retreat, the library’s courtyard garden.

Hear about them in their own words:

 We are very pleased to have been selected by the Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library to restore the garden and start running community projects. Our names are Gemma and Charlene, we both share a love of gardening and have an education background.

 So far we have focussed on clearing and cleaning up the garden to make it safe and ready to open on Saturday 7th August 2021 between 12-4pm. We are planning a meet and greet open garden event with a plant and seed swap/sale. We will be planting a plant in memory of Penny who took care of the garden previously before Covid. So please come along and see what’s growing and share your ideas. We’d love to meet you, hear your views on what you’d like and your interests for future events.

We are pleased to announce we are holding some family activities on:

 Monday 9th August 2021 between 12-2pm– Creating mini gardens

 Monday 23rd August between 12-2pm– Creating cress faces and painting stone bugs and garden markers

 Come along and meet Gemma and Charlene – the garden is an open, safe place. And we know you’ll get a warm welcome from our gardening couple.

Feminism. Interrupted: Disrupting Power

Wednesday May 12th 7pm

Join Lola Olefemi to discuss her latest book, with Yara Rodrigues Fowler.

Plastered over t-shirts and tote bags, the word “feminist” has entered the mainstream and is fast becoming a popular slogan for our generation. But feminism isn’t  a commodity up for purchase; it’s a weapon for fighting against injustice.

This revolutionary books reclaims feminism from consumerism through exploring state violence against women, reproductive justice, transmisogyny, sex work, gendered Islamophobia  and much more, showing that the struggle  for gendered liberation is a struggle for justice, one that can transform the world for everyone.

Free, book at

This is just one of many events in Lambeth’s Readers and Writers Festival . You can see the full programme at: 

A Communard in south London

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune, Naomi Clifford explores the life of  Louise Michel, a prominent  figure in that episode.

Louise Michel, feminist, anarchist, poet, playwright and journalist, who survived the bloody end of the 1871 Paris Commune and subsequent exile to New Caledonia, loved London and visited several times.

Who was she? And why was she invited in 1883 to give her opinion on the Lambeth Workhouse?

This event is supported by, the online research database.

Book at -145436986943

The library is open for PC use and “select and collect”

In early March Tate South Lambeth Library – closed under the lockdown imposed in January – re-opened for essential PC use, printing and scanning.

Now the select and collect service has returned.

So you can once again select books from Lambeth Libraries collection:

online at

or by phone to the library at 0207 926 0710

or by email to

As well as specific titles, you can also choose types of books you would like to read, or books for a child with special interests. You can reserve up to 20 books.

Once your items are ready a librarian at TSL will contact you to make an appointment to pick them up.

Lockdown has closed our library – for now

On January 11th Lambeth Libraries issued the following notice:

Lambeth Libraries regret to inform you that due to the increase in Covid-19 cases in London we have taken the decision to close all Lambeth Libraries until the situation improves.

So no PC use for the public, no select and collect. However digital services and online events continue – visit

Sad news – but not unexpected.

We all look forward now to the re-opening of our much loved and much needed library.

Another timely talk, focussing on an issue that the MeToo campaign has brought into the spotlight – female consent to sexual approaches. Naomi Clifford draws on a famous rape and murder case in the early 19th century, on which she has written a book.

To register for the talk email

This talk is very timely. Since the Covid-19 lockdown people living in a densely populated urban area, such as ours, have become acutely aware of the importance and value of the green breathing space that public parks provide. So the future of this park matters to us all.

The library’s open again – within limits

On July 20th, after a four-month gap, Tate South Lambeth Library – along with six other libraries in Lambeth – resumed service.

But under the constraints imposed by the need to contain and suppress the coronavirus epidemic, that service is restricted.

All entry is by appointment only, from 11am to 4pm on Monday to Saturday.

Appointments can be made by phone (020 7926 0710) or email  ( to use a computer, print, scan and photocopy

There is no browsing of the shelves , but you can reserve up to 20 books. audiobooks and DVDs , or have them selected for you by a librarian after stating your preferences. You then call or email the library to arrange  a time to  collect the items.

Items borrowed can be returned without an appointment.

The Home Library Service can deliver books to you if you are housebound and cannot get to a library.

Users of the library are required to use face masks and hand sanitiser, and to maintain physical distance.

It’s not the library we know and love – with open access, group activities, classes, talks, craft fairs, choir performances and more  But we can hope for a gradual easing back as and when the threat from the virus lessens.

Re-opening our library – what are the prospects?

Under the government’s current schedule for easing out of Covid-19 lockdown, libraries may consider re-opening from July 4th. Although Lambeth Libraries would like to slowly introduce some services later in July, this will be dependent on a number of different issues such as how well the virus is contained in the coming weeks and making sure all the necessary measures are in place.

This will require a great deal of preparation and redesign – both of the service offered and the physical layout of each library – to ensure the safety of library users and library staff while the epidemic continues.. Lambeth library managers are currently looking at what is achievable and feasible. There will be no sudden return to the pre-Covid situation . Libraries nationally are considering a click and collect offer for borrowing books and the use of computers by prior appointment only. Lambeth will probably adopt this approach. Layouts will need to be altered to meet social distancing requirements and returned books will have to be quarantined. There are many practical things to consider to open safely

Not the library we know and love. But people’s health must be paramount.

Meanwhile- even while the library is partly opening up – Lambeth Libraries will be keeping up its extensive online programme of events and services.. Here’s the list for June: