The second public forum – time to hold the library to account

Saturday July 13th is the date for the second meeting of the public forum at Tate South Lambeth Library, when the library management team, both central and local, will:

  • tell you what is happening at the library and what is planned
  • report progress on the plans/intentions announced at the March meeting (you can see these on the public forum notice board in the entrance lobby)

This is your chance – whoever you are – to say what you think about our local library, where you consider it has fallen short, where it has succeeded, and what you suggest should be done next. Continue reading “The second public forum – time to hold the library to account”

Open Garden and Plant Sale, Saturday, 13th July 11.30 -1.30

Photo0326The Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library Garden Group, that meet at the library, every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month will be running an Open Garden & Bring & Buy Seeds and Plant Sale on Saturday, 13th July 11.30-1.30 before the Library Forum

Come and the see the library courtyard garden ‘Tradescant’s Retreat’ and the opposite Wilcox Close planting in all full bloom!

There will be a garden quiz and refreshments too.

If you have any plants/seeds that you would like to donate, you can deliver them in advance to the library enquiry desk.  Please label the plants if you know the name and include any important growing instructions.

17 July 2013: film night – CineKongo (46mins) + director Q&A

Born in Kinshasa in D.R.Congo 1982, Ne Kunda Nlaba is a Congolese film director, producer, screenwriter, editor, actor and political scientist living in Lambeth.

THE STEEL PAN” (2010), 30mins, aLivingwithoutlivingposter_small 2 documentary about the creation, development and construction of the Caribbean musical instrument invented in Trinidad and Tobago.   Screened at the 7th Montreal Black Film Festival

“LIVING WITHOUT LIVING” (2011), 16mins, a short documentary film about the life destitute asylum seekers in the UK produced as part of Respect and Dignity for Asylum Seekers Campaign sponsored by British Refugee Council.

The film was premiered at Amnesty International/ Human Right Action centre in London, British Refugee Council and Netherlands 2012 Film Festival

Wednesday 17th July  2013, 7pm (doors open 6.30pm)
Tate South Lambeth Library 180 South Lambeth Road, SW8 1QP

Admission Free. Light refreshments available.


AGM – our end of term report, our new committee

Friends of TSL held their annual general meeting, at the library, on May 22nd 2013.

The chairman’s annual report traced Friends’ role in the cooperative libraries regime being introduced by Lambeth Council – and the firm limits to our involvement in that policy. The major rise in the number and range of our activities over the previous 12 months was highlighted. Critical to this was the support of a widening range of local partners, who have contributed donations in money and kind and their skills, and given us a platform to promote our campaign and our activities. Continue reading “AGM – our end of term report, our new committee”

Book sales – we’re on a roll

After the success of out first book sale – which raised money to buy ten chairs for the children’s section of the library – we’ve scheduled a second one, on Saturday June 15th 2013, from 10.30am to 4pm.

As before we’re looking for donations of books (in good condition) which we will first offer to the library to add to its collection. Those that remain will be put on sale, together with titles withdrawn from the library. Any left over from the sale will be donated to charity or stored for the next book sale.

Donated books can be delivered at the library desk clearly labelled Friends Book Sale – before mid-day Friday June 14th 2013 .

If you’d like to help at the sale (it’s a lot of fun) – we’re looking for people to run the stall and clear up afterwards – please contact Friends at

Early start for literacy support classes for young children

The library plan for 2013/14 that was presented at the public forum on April 20th proposed the setting up of literacy classes to support young readers –one of the priorities identified by local people at last year’s open day. Pauline Edole, TSL’s customer service manager, is leading on this project. The schedule called for contacts to be established in the three months April-June, with classes to start in summer and continue through term time.  Continue reading “Early start for literacy support classes for young children”

A trip to our mysterious neighbour on South Lambeth Road – the British Interplanetary Society

Picture 029On May 1st Colin Philp, fellow and council member of the British Interplanetary Society – the world’s longest- established organisation dedicated to promoting the use and exploration of space – gave a talk at the library for Friends of TSL. He invited his listeners to visit the BIS offices – two formerly derelict houses in Vauxhall, renovated by BIS and made into one. Two weeks later a group went there under the aegis of Friends. Here is the account of one of the trippers, Kate Kelly-Tanguay.

What excited me, from the very beginning of our visit, was the emphasis given to the importance of imagination in the work of the scientist, the engineer and the mathematician whose combined talents have sent man to the moon. Continue reading “A trip to our mysterious neighbour on South Lambeth Road – the British Interplanetary Society”

19 June 2013: film night – Routes: Dancing to New Orleans + director Q&A


‘As a DJ, people asked me where I learned to dance. I didn’t know so I went to find out’ – Alex Reuben

Commissioned by Arts Council England, Alex Reuben’s debut feature Routes: Dancing to New Orleans, is a road movie through the dance and music of the American Deep South.

Inspired by Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music, Reuben’s film offers an idiosyncratic documentation of lesser-known forms of American culture and the extraordinary dancing Americans of the Deep South.  See the trailer here.

Alex Reuben has a background as a DJ and in art and design. Reuben’s films combine dance, music, politics and painting. They are characterised by their use of improvised sound and movement within architecture, a process he calls ‘choreogeography’.

Alex is currently featured on the BBC and ACE arts website, ‘The Space’.

Routes: Dancing to New Orleans + director Q&A
Wednesday 19th June  2013, 7pm (doors open 6.30pm)
Tate South Lambeth Library 180 South Lambeth Road, SW8 1QP

Admission Free. Light refreshments available.


Friend on Gardeners’ Question Time


Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library Gardening Group member Penny Noy featured on today’s edition (24 May 2013) of Gardeners’s Question Time on Radio 4.

Penny asked the panel for suggestions for long-living, robust flowering plants which would be suitable for planting at pavement level around trees in the streets. Suggestions included durable creeping thymes which have lovely flowers and  plants such as Shasta Daises, Saponaria and Groundelder that have previously been vilified in gardens for being too “aggressive”.

The show is repeated on Sunday (26th May 2013) at 2.00pm or you can listen to Penny’s episode via the BBC website.

Friends’ film screening programme will resume…

projectorFriends have now received assurances from Lambeth Libraries that enable us to resume our film screening programme – and within weeks (on June 19th 2013)

These assurances are:

  • there will be no charge for the use of the library out of hours (our films are usually screened at 7pm in the evening)
  • the performing rights society fee for music used in the films will be paid by the library service

These assurances mean that Friends can afford to run the screenings (which – in line with our policy on all events we organise – are free of charge).

– and more film showings are now possible

An additional – and very welcome assurance- was that a film screening licence is being secured that will allow the showing of mainstream films at Tate South Lambeth Library. Friends has recently concentrated on showing independent films, where there is no licensing requirement. But this licence means that we – and any other group or individual who wants to put on films in partnership with the library staff – can respond more readily to local demand. In particular this will benefit older local residents. The funding for the licence is being provided as part of a Lambeth scheme to deliver activities for residents who attend day centres but would enjoy going to events which involve the wider community.

So this popular programme can be expanded over the 12-month period of the licence (all screening licences are annual), adding to the range of community-oriented activities at TSL.

We thank our cooperative council.