The staff restructure – still not there yet

The big piece of news everyone – staff and library users – has been waiting for is the exact shape of the staff restructuring that is due to be introduced in the current year. The restructuring will be comprehensive, going right through all levels of staff. It is driven by the need to make a saving of £750,000 on overall spending on libraries, as decreed by Lambeth Council last year.

With the wage bill by far the largest item in the library budget, it has long been recognised that it will be the major target for cuts in spending. The  question is how will cuts on the staff side affect the service provided at Tate South Lambeth Library. And – connected to this – what roles does Lambeth Council expect volunteers to take on.

So where have we got to?

On September 2nd library management  presented its proposals for restructuring to library employees. The proposals are now out for consultation with employees, lasting through until September 30th and allowing for changes by the Council in response to the feedback. The final terms of restructuring – and the implications for their posts – will be communicated to employees one month later.

Friends are outside this process, but we will be taking a view on the final decision.

What we heard at the TSL library forum on July 13th

The second, quarterly meeting of the library forum was held on one of the hottest days of the year – so all credit to those attending.  The forum provided updates from library management on what has happened at TSL over the past three months and what is planned over the next six– and some positive and negative feedback from local people.

Codesign August 8 013       Which is what it is all about.

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