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A knitter speaks – Knitting Group International!

Knit 2Carrying my ball of wool and knitting needles I came along to the TSL fortnightly knitting and crochet group one Thursday morning.

If truth be told I had seen photos of some rather dashing knits earlier in the year and I was hoping to snap one up before the craft show on the 7th December. What I wasn’t expecting was to encounter a wonderfully diverse vibrant group of women brightening up the far corner of the library. By the way, where are you chaps! The best knitter I knew was a man (now a GP) and wasn’t there a wonderful Bishop who knitted?*

I sat beside Renee who has been a TSL library reader for 60 years. In earlier days she knitted for her family including school sweaters and scarves.

Striking in herself knitted canary yellow tunic this was Nicola’s first day. She had looked as far afield as Ally Pally before finding this local group.

Amongst the scarves and special tree decorations (Daphne wouldn’t let me buy one yet, I have to wait until the fair- gggrh) Annaline and Shirley were making those cosy slippers that relax you as soon as you feel them on your tootsies.

Since the group was started in April by Pauline, our intrepid librarian, the ambitions of the knitters have expanded, thanks also to the group’s original volunteer teacher Viv. There was excited discussion over a new book of patterns being perused at the table. Norma the group’s expert knitter will certainly take up any challenge.

Icilda’s grandchild Ayanna, who accompanies her to the library, had a teddy bear in her hand and glancing down the table I realised there was what can only be described as a cuddle of bears, Oh joy! Then I learned that Marie who has learned how to knit them will be returning to her native Liberia and will teach people there to knit teddy bears.
So Pauline your vision of a knitting and crochet group for the TSL is already having an International ripple effect, all the way to Africa. Three cheers for the Global knitting movement!

I had very soon given up my posturing with my ball of wool and offered it to the table at large..”Make a good beanie” was the general opinion.
Whatever scrap of wool is to be had is used and I don’t exaggerate as Mary crochets in multi colours with every little bit of wool that is ‘left over’. So Please, if you have half or full balls of wool lurking at the back of a cupboard bring them in to the library where the TSL knitters will transform them into something soft, warm and beautiful which you may, if you are quick enough, buy back transformed at the craft show on the 7th December.

Did I already mention that date? I am only giving you fair warning as you may have to beat me to it in the queue.

I did snaffle up a lovely hot water bottle cover (complete with bottle) knitted by the versatile Luky but my only big mistake was leaving it behind when I visited a rather chilly house the following weekend.

My short visit to the TSL knitting and crochet group leads me to declare: Bring wool, knit wool, buy wool, wear wool – all good Winter resolutions, wherever you are in the world!

*Richard Rutt the former Bishop of Leicester

Kate Kelly-Tanguay visited the Knitting and Crochet group TSL on 10th October 2013






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