Sep 182014

Ornamental table and stools with decorative fretwork at 575 Wandsworth Road, London.Tuesday 23rd September, 7pm (doors open 6.30pm)

A talk by Tessa Wild, curator of the local National Trust property at 575 Wandsworth Road.

This house was acquired by the National Trust in 2010, because of the rich and striking interiors created by Khadambi Asalache (1935-2006), a Kenyan-born poet, novelist, philosopher of mathematics and British civil servant. He bought the house in 1981 while working at the Treasury, and over a period of 20 years (from 1986) turned his home into a work of art.

Prompted by the need to disguise persistent damp in the basement dining room, he initially fixed pine floorboards to the damp wall. He went on to embellish almost every wall, ceiling and door in the house with exquisite fretwork patterns and motifs, which he hand-carved from reclaimed pine doors and floorboards found in skips.

This talk forms part of the Lambeth Heritage Festival.

Adnmissison free.

Sep 172014

For some time Lambeth Council – both councillors and officers – have been talking about the need for libraries to increase the income they generate. This is entirely understandable when funds available for the library service are being squeezed.

While retaining the principle of free access to library services, there is clearly a margin for raising income beyond the rather modest levels earned from DVD rentals, photocopying etc. For example Tate South Lambeth Library last year (April 2013-March 2014) earned around £9,400, which funded just under one-twentieth (4%) of the current spending on the library (ie excluding any capital budget). This year’s target is £13,000. We don’t know exactly how this increase will be achieved – but we think there are good prospects for a much bigger increase, sustainable over the long term.

Why do we think this? Where are the opportunities? Continue reading »

Aug 122014
Portuguese wine tasting

Wednesday, 17th September, 7pm (doors open 6.30pm) Portugal was the first nation to create “appellations” to classify its wine regions: the Douro region was set up in 1756. At this talk and wine-tasting you can learn about and sample wines from different regions of Portugal. Admission free. This event is sponsored by Delicias de Portugal. [...]

Aug 122014
An evening of fado

Wednesday, 10th September, 7pm (doors open 6.30pm) A talk about the history of fado, with a live performance, sponsored by the Instituto Camões  Fado is a performance genre unique to Portugal. It developed in Lisbon in the early 19th century, as a multicultural synthesis of Afro-Brazilian song and local musical traditions. This event will help [...]

Jul 172014
Toys for tots

Friends of TSL has used the proceeds of the book sale held on June 21st to buy toys for the two very popular toddlers and carers sessions held at the library each Wednesday during term time. We took expert advice on what to buy –  the list given by staff from the St Stephen’s Children’s [...]

Jun 242014
Story telling at the Tate Local gallery

  Art by pupils from Year 7 and Year 8 at Platanos College. Year 7 pupils, inspired by the work of Henri Douanier Rousseau, express their own concept of “jungles”. Year 8 pupils depict their own mythical monster, drawing on Lewis Carroll’s poem Jabberwocky and the work of Maurice Sendak.

Jun 202014
4 Dorset Road - a new house. Talk by Peregrine Bryant

Monday 7th July 2014 7pm (doors open 6.30pm) Peregrine Bryant will describe his recently completed house in Dorset Road, built on a small vacant plot purchased from Lambeth Council. Peregrine Bryant is a senior partner of an architectural practice in Fulham specialising in works of repair and alteration to historic buildings. The major project in [...]

Jun 112014
You donate the books, we sell them, the library gains

Saturday June 21st is the date for another book sale by Friends to raise funds for equipment and materials to support the library’s services.  Our book sales are a great way for you to show support for the library by – donating books (drop them off at the library desk in a bag or box [...]

May 262014

Friends of TSL held their 2014 annual general meeting, at the library, on May 21st. The chairman’s annual report highlighted Friends’ support for and involvement in the quarterly public library forums that began in April 2013. At these forums local people can find out what is happening at the library and what is planned, put [...]

May 112014
Crystal Healing - a talk by Lyn Robbins

Monday, 9th June, 7pm (doors open 6.30pm) Lyn Robbins is a qualified crystal healer and trained with the Institute of Crystal Healers and did a degree diploma with the open college network. She  will talk about the use of crystals to enhance one’s life and well-being, and everyday uses for the crystals. She will include angel [...]

May 062014
The AGM on May 21st: the usual stuff and some extras

On Wednesday May 21st Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library will be holding its annual general meeting  at the library, starting at 7pm. We start off with the usual “official” items: reports by the chairman and the treasurer for the past year (2013/14), followed by elections to next year’s committee. Then we have the extras [...]

Apr 152014

A library public forum was held at Tate South Lambeth Library on April 12th. This is the face-to-face meeting of library managers and local people, held every three months, where the library’s plans are set out and its performance is held up to scrutiny by the general public. Major questions- raised at previous sessions of the [...]

Jul 162014

July 12th saw the regular (quarterly) library public forum – the face-to-face meeting of library managers and local people, where the library’s plans are set out and its performance is held up for scrutiny by the general public. There was some progress to report since the last forum, but very little information was offered on [...]

Jul 032014
Forum time- the questions Friends want answered

Saturday July 12th is the date of the next library public forum at Tate South Lambeth – the face-to-face meeting of library managers and local people, held every three months, where the library’s plans are set out and its performance is held up to scrutiny by the general public. Here are the main questions that [...]

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